Red Pill Planet is about shattering the illusion of culture in our lives. It is for those who have chosen to ignore the propaganda designed to control them; decreed or implied by government, priest, and even family. Those who choose the red pill have chosen to follow truth because it is the only way to obtain happiness, personal freedom and ultimately, optimal well-being. If you want to be happier, freer and have a greater sense of well-being, we invite you to join us and become a part of Red Pill Planet, too.

Initially the journey is painful as the tsunami of reason will drown your past life. It will cause you to view every relationship you have through the prism of truth. It may even change the way you view your very existence as you find it necessary to drop those things you have held sacred. Yet, to achieve freedom you must shine the light of reason on the deep-rooted lies that have been forced upon you.

My lifelong passion has been the powerful duo of Philosophy and Psychology. I obtained a degree in psychology and planned to go to grad school to pursue a career in counseling. I saw so many people who were needlessly suffering through their existence and I wanted to help them, but I wasn’t ready. I took a twenty year detour out of academia and into the real world where I gained an appreciation for the free market, all the while learning and following my secret passion of philosophy and psychology. I always wanted to return to my original career path as a counselor, yet wasn’t sure why I didn’t. Now I know. I didn’t feel comfortable helping others until I knew why the strategies I had employed in helping myself had worked. I wanted to be able to systematically explain it.

I wasn’t born into this world with the silver spoon of happiness; I have had to wrestle my demons mightily. I have known despair and depression, however through a relentless pursuit of truth I have found joy in my life. I have a strong marriage based upon mutual values, honest communication and trust. I parent two wonderful boys who are being raised with empathy and respect for their needs without the need for authoritarianism or coercion. I try to increase my well-being every day through every avenue available, both mind and body. I am finding a profound joy in existence that I scarcely knew was possible, much less obtainable.

This blog serves as a repository for my thoughts on how to achieve personal freedom and optimal well-being in life. I want to capture my thoughts as a personal record and as a resource for my sons as they come to their own conclusions about the world. Hopefully, you will find it helpful in your quest to thrive as well.

I look forward to sharing the journey,